Full-fledged experience

We carry out the management of Marketing and Brokerage in the maritime area.

We are able to provide technical assistance in the purchase and sell of ships, managing risk as effectively as possible, combining our experience, professionalism, and research tools to provide excellent service.

Specialists in:
    • Search and negotiation of freight under the modalities of Time Charter / COA /Voyage Charter / Spot contracts.
    • Travel Estimates. Freight and fuel market analysis.
    • Cargo Balance Estimates.
    • Calculations of delay, dead freight and deviation from each trip.
    • Extensive network of connections with national and international shipowners and charterers.
    • Commercial advice in the negotiations of purchase and sale of ships, among others.

National and International Routes.

Through our freight services we have participated in the maritime transport of an important amount of liquid, bulk and multipurpose cargoes in different national and international routes.