Leader in integral logistical services

We are an International Organization founded in 1995. Our principal objective is offering integrated services in the logistical and maritime area under the highest standards of excellence, quality and safety, with a high sense of social responsibility and benefit to our clients.

We are focused in providing integrated maritime and logistical services to our customers with high quality solutions based on Integrated Quality Management Systems such as ISO 9001, Safety Management System and ISPS. Nowadays we have over 26 years of experience in this field behind us and a wide client portfolio, positioning us as one of the benchmarks in Latin America and the Caribbean regarding maritime services.


Not only a vast experience do speak for us, so do our clients. Quality is our best guarantee of client's loyalty.


In our history, we have remained firmly afloat despite all kinds of adversity. Currently we are a benchmark in Latin America and the Caribbean for professionalism and excellence.


Every day we deliver a maritime adventure, presenting difficulty as simplicity, always thinking about the needs of our clients.


Quality and quantity in different products

We have a vast amount of experience in specialized Cargo Control and Supervision services, these services being successfully performed since 1995 on behalf of the leading Caribbean Traders and Majors. Our inspectors are IFIA certified.


Multiple and different operations's options

We specialize in the safe operation of ships, under the philosophy of meeting the requirements of our customers, ensuring full compliance with international standards relating to safety, environmental prevention and quality assurance.


Full-fledged experience

We manage Marketing and Brokerage in the maritime area. We offer specialized services in: Travel estimates. Market analysis of freight and fuel. Demurrage calculations, dead freight and drifting for each trip. Wide network of connections with brokers to find cargo ships.


Supplying throughout the caribbean

Through our company Marine Cargo Logistics 2008, we offer specialized services in integral solutions and supplies to ships. With a capable and experienced team in this branch, we have completed several satisfactory deliveries to our customers related to vessel supplying.


In capacity of verifying the quality of products

We are capable of carrying out the physical-chemical analyses that would confirm compliance with the guaranteed specifications established in the purchase-sale contract of hydrocarbons, agricultural, petrochemical and chemical products and minerals.


Vast representation of different ports

We have representation throughout the Caribbean and Europe; we offer cargo handling services focused on storage, stowage, port services, customs services, continuous supervision and control of the load, consultancy and technical advice on imports and exports.


Agile and versatile trading system

Through our services of commercialization of commodities we have materialized the export of products of very high quality in loads of Corn and Flour of Soybean, for the commercializing of different companies of foods in order to distribute them internationally.


Training and Organizational Consulting

We are specialists in Training and Organizational Consulting, we started activities in 2006 to increase the value and competitiveness of private and public sector clients. The training we offer is aimed at the acquisition of technical and base skills related to maritime field.


Our best weapon to face all kinds of situations is our people. We believe and trust in the capacity, creativity and innovation of our people for a heterogeneous and complete system of integral solutions for the user. We are prepared from any approach to face every challenge and difficulty that may arise, for us it will always be a pleasure to move forward together towards a future where yesterday is always worse than tomorrow.


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