Quality management processes

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Responsible Action
Management receiving the complaint or appeal 1. Receives the complaint or appeal via e-mail or telephone, and sends acknowledgement of receipt to the client or interested party.
2. Verifies that it is related to the activities for which he/she is responsible. If not, forwards it to the applicable area.
Management that receives the complaint or appeal and Quality, Safety and Environment Management. 3. Once the complaint or appeal has been received, it must be analyzed whether or not it proceeds, in terms of criteria such as: severity, safety implications, complexity, impact, and the need and possibility of immediate action. Gather and verify all necessary information to validate the complaint or ap
Complaint or Appeal Not Proceeding
Management receiving the complaint or appeal 4. If the claim or appeal is not valid, gives an answer (via e-mail) to the client or interested party, presenting the due argumentation with objective evidence to support the case.
5. Proceeds to close the case. 5. Proceeds to close the case.
Complaint or Appeal Proceeding
Management receiving the complaint 6. If necessary, reprocess the information in order to correct and resend to the customer or interested person the conforming product.
7. Records the case through a Corrective Action by applying what is established in the AMG-QC-P-004 Procedure "Corrective, Preventive and Improvement Actions".
8. After closing the customer complaint or appeal, formally notify the customer or interested party that submits the complaint or appeal, via e-mail, of the completion of the complaint or appeal treatment process.
Management receiving the complaint 9. In the event that the results of the action taken in the appeal requested by the client are not satisfactory and the client wishes to continue with another instance, the appeal is sent to higher instances where the necessary decisions will be taken.
10. The client is notified via e-mail of the decision taken.
11. The case is closed and the Corrective Action is closed.