In capacity of verifying the quality of products

At our different Laboratories through the Caribbean we are capable of carrying out the physical-chemical analyses that would confirm compliance with the guaranteed specifications established in the purchase-sale contract of hydrocarbons, agricultural, petrochemical and chemical products and minerals.

We are in capacity of verifying the quality of products, such as:

      • Residual (Fuel Oil).
      • Base Lubricant Minerals.
      • LPG (Liquefied Product Gas)
      • Petrochemical Products.
      • Agricultural Products
      • Oil Oleaginous
      • Asphalts
      • Orimulson
      • Crude Oil
      • Naphtha
      • Gasoline
      • Gasoil

Our laboratory provides service 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


ATLAS Marine has Laboratories located in Venezuela and the Caribbean with equipment and specialized personnel to carry out the tests and physical-chemical analysis of Hydrocarbons, Natural Gas, Petrochemicals and Chemicals.